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Benefits of an On-Site Doctor

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Keeping on track with consistent medical care can be a frustrating challenge. Logistics, costs, travel, establishing a PCP—the whole thing is a headache, and not at all why you chose to pursue a less stressful life in an active community.

Consistent Health Care Is the Best Care

When talking about health, be it mental or physical, consistency is one of the most vital factors. Having a primary care provider on-site and able to consistently meet the needs of the community is imperative for keeping everyone feeling and moving at their best, which is why keeping a skilled professional available should be a top priority for any retirement community.

On-Site Professionals Alleviate Travel

Post-retirement many individuals travel and maintain full mobility, of course. But the days of scheduled appointments, traffic, and figuring out the best means of getting from point A to point B should be over. When you travel you want it to be a positive experience—not a trip 20 miles out of your way for a checkup in a noisy, cramped office.

With a qualified professional on-site, you don’t have to worry. The care you need is right here, leaving you to plan more meaningful, memorable, and fun travel.

Build a Better Relationship with Your Medical Professional

One of the most irritating things about getting care—and one of the largest barriers to consistency—is never knowing who you will be seeing for an appointment. Having access to a skilled medical professional on-site means you’re meeting with the same person every time.

Your time with an on-site doctor means they know who you are; they know your quirks, your preferences, and they have the time to really learn your needs. And in turn, you know them as well.

Quick Care When It Is Needed Most

An active lifestyle is always going to mean a chance for complications—that goes for all of us. Having a care specialist on-site means that in the event of any issue at all, from a sprained ankle to a serious medical condition, there is a skilled professional nearby who knows what to do, how to do it, and how to mitigate any complications that may arise.

Ventura Townehouse Features an On-Site Medical Professional

When you join up with Ventura Townehouse, you’re looking for convenience, comfort, and a lifestyle that is stress-free. You don’t want to deal with managing new medical teams every week, or month. You want a trained, experienced professional that will engender a great and productive relationship with you. That’s why we are proud to count an on-site doctor as one of our many amenities!

Looking for active senior living in Ventura, CA? Ventura Townehouse is all about loving where you live—connect with us on the web, or join us for a tour Tuesday-Saturday to find out why so many choose to spend their time here!