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Ventura Townehouse resident Maxine Snelgrove

My Glass is Half Full

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You know that old saying “my glass is half full” means I’m a “happy camper.” If you are not then your glass is probably half empty. Putting this into context, I mean that living at the Ventura Townehouse is contributing to my pleasure and comfort on a daily basis. Getting older is difficult to accept but it is a natural progression in life.

It is my observation that in a community of so many older people, there are always those that are content, those that wish to be more content, and those that will never be content. However, that is a fact of life. My experience of being recognized by name at the front desk, by the dining room wait people, the housecleaning staff, the assisted living personnel, the maintenance, and the management is commendable. Everyone knows your name is a good way to explain it. These are the people we live with and hopefully, we respond by knowing them by name.

Choices on what to do, what to eat, and how to get places, becomes a responsibility for me. If something doesn’t satisfy, I have an avenue to address those concerns. If living here is a plus in my life, I want it known. My experience is positive. I’m expressing my gratitude to those that I come in contact with each day so they know that their cheerfulness and helpfulness is appreciated beyond measure.

–Ventura Townehouse Resident Maxine Snelgrove