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Mr. November Greg Morgan
Mr. November Greg Morgan

Meet Greg Morgan, November 2021 Resident of the Month

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Our Mr. November is Greg Morgan. Greg was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but was raised from age 8 in a Connecticut suburb of New York City. His college and postgraduate education took place in Michigan and Chicago, but for much of his adult life, he worked in Florida as a software designer for several major corporations. Before developing those computer skills, he served two United Church of Christ churches as an ordained minister.

Greg and his wife Nancy have been married for 33 years — second marriages for both. They met when they were both cast in a play at a community theatre in Hollywood, Florida. Nancy was the mother of two sons and a daughter, and Greg was the father of one son, all of whom were fully grown and on their own. Theatre remained a lifelong passion for both Nancy and Greg, although nowadays, they enjoy it as audience members rather than as actors.

They lived for seven years in the New York metro area, enjoying the energy and the cultural opportunities of the “City That Never Sleeps.” But as they increasingly felt the age-related changes in their lives, they considered moving to a place like the Townehouse. But where? Meanwhile, Nancy’s daughter and granddaughter were living in Los Angeles County. Result: for the past three and half years, Nancy and Greg have lived in one of the Townehouse’s garden apartments with Oreo, the world’s best dog.

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