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Rabbi Michael Lotker pictured in front of a bookcase

Upcoming Lecture with Rabbi Michael Lotker

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We are fortunate this month to have Rabbi Lotker lecture in our new theater/projector Vista Room. Join him on Wednesday March 27th at 2pm.

Antisemitism: Why the Jews? A Look into the History and the Causes

“I’ve received lots of questions from my friends in the Interfaith Community recently. They wonder why we American Jews are in so much personal pain over the events in Israel on Oct. 7th in Gaza and the world’s response to it.

“They wonder at our fear that this could be the beginnings of a new Holocaust. They ask me “What can we do? What can we say?” But most of all, they ask me why Antisemitism or Jew Hatred is so prevalent in the world.

“So, to respond, I offered a discussion which I called “Antisemitism: Why the Jews.” The class was especially intended for non-Jews who want to understand the history and reasons for Antisemitism, but all were welcome. We did not talk about politics or the immediate events in the news but sought to understand what is behind this 2500-year-old hatred.”