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Assisted Living: How To Find A Facility That Best Fits Your Needs

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Assisted Living: How To Find A Facility That Best Fits Your Needs

Whether we like it or not, our times grow exponentially more demanding. Despite of the fact that most people want to keep their aged parents or relatives close to them, more often than not time constraints, fast paced lifestyles, demanding workplaces and turbulent social lives tend to get in the way. This makes it impossible for us to devote our full attention to the persons we mostly care about. Ventura Townhouse is an amazing assisted living facility in Ventura which could be the perfect senior living solution for your family. Under such circumstances, by far the safest and most practical choice is to send them to a reliable assisted living facility, where medical professionals take good care of them and are trained in attending to their needs around the clock. Assisted living facilities have been in the forefront for almost three decades, and this option has definitely helped families nurture their elders while still keeping their career focus and life intact. In fact, it is expected that by 2050, the number of people using paid long-term care services in the U.S. will double to 27 million from just 13 million in 2000. When it comes to the persons we love, the crucial part is choosing a facility that best fits your needs.

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The following set of tips will help you prioritize in your effort to choose the best senior living facility for your beloved elders.

  1. Determine the current as well as future care needs of your loved ones. Choosing the kind of senior care or memory care facility depends on the existing needs and capabilities of your parent or relative. If you’re looking for an independent living facility, you can choose an age-in-place campus. If you need board and care homes that offer a higher level of care, you can pick the residential-style home. Check the different types of facilities available in your area, and pick the one that matches the present and future needs of your family member. You also have to consider her or his personal preferences - where possible. And this leads us to the next point.
  2. Consider your budget. The cost of a facility depends on the extent of amenities and care they cover. A mid-market community for elders with moderate care needs costs between $3,000 and $4,000 a month. Thus, you need to consider the amount you’re capable of spending before signing a contract. Review thoroughly the terms of the deal, ideally with a lawyer, to ensure that you’re getting honest help.
  3. Make sure that the assisted living community has a professional and pleasant atmosphere. This is a key factor since it’s essential to ensure that the staff interacts with the residents in the best possible manner. Consider the employee-patient ratio, the cleanliness of the place, their day-to-day operations, etc. Moreover, take into account every aspect that affects the comfort and security of your patient. It will pay off in the long term.
  4. Check the entertainment and engagement factor. As you observe the place, check if their existing residents are enjoyably involved and engaged. See if they have exercise programs, full-time activities, regular trips, etc. If your patient is someone who would enjoy these activities, it’s ideal to look for a facility that offers such outings regularly.
  5. What about the food? For an elderly or disabled person, food can be their last source of pleasure. It's paramount to ensure that their meals are well-prepared, nutritious and last but not least delicious. On your first few visits, check their menus and ask for food samples.

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Even though the list is not exhaustive, these tips are definitely some of the key factors that you need to take into account in your search for the best senior care community for your loved ones. Choose the kind of community that gives the exact kind of love and care you would personally give. This way, your family member would still feel that you do care for them even though you will be away. Ventura Townhouse is an assisted living facility that could be the perfect place for your family. We understand you probably have many questions. Please contact us for more information and to schedule a tour of our facility.