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Perks of Ventura, California Assisted Living

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Perks of Ventura, California Assisted Living

With many seniors living under strict budgets to manage their finances, and great assisted living communities in Ventura County becoming hard to find, many seniors nowadays are considering the idea of moving out of California for assisted living or independent living locations. Ventura County has numerous advantages and is one of the best places for seniors to retire to.

1. Assisted Living Means Worry-Free Lifestyle

More and more assisted living communities are being built and introduced. Ventura Townhouse specializes in assisted living but offers the best of many different senior services including independent living. Think about it as a premier 55+ community which offers as much or as little assistance and care as needed on a case by case basis. It’s true that each resident is unique, therefore we custom each resident’s care plan according to their personal wants and needs. While some have several apartments built in one massive building, others have freestanding homes within a community. Regardless of the design, it is the worry-free lifestyle that these homes offer that makes living in them something to look forward to. As soon as you move into this facility, you will no longer have to mow the lawn. You won’t have to shovel the snow in the driveway. You won’t have to fix the water tank. Everything is already fully covered.

Perks of living in Ventura

2. Entertainment and New Acquaintances

They say retirement is similar to going to college. Why? It is because social activities become a very important part of life. In an assisted living facility, socializing with other residents who have things in common with you is easy. You can interact with your neighbors and attend community activities with them. Need assistance to go somewhere? You only have to contact the staff. Whether it is a simple trip to the city or a few hours in the theater room, the staff working in these communities is always willing to assist you.

3. Exciting Amenities

Maintaining a home entails a lot of work, especially if it has pool and fitness areas. However, these are luxuries in life one almost can't live without. The Ventura Townehouse assisted living facility recognizes this and offers awesome amenities on top of their housing solution. We have extensive amenities including a library, vista room, chapel, salon, fitness room, art room, and more.

4. 24-Hour Assistance

When the need arises, our assisted living staff can respond immediately. Regardless of where you are in the community, they always make sure that help is nearby. So even if you are living alone in an apartment or house, you will be taken care of. Our staff loves what they do and becomes part of your extended family.

Quality Assisted Living in Ventura, California

Ventura Townhouse recognizes the need for great quality assisted living services. With over 40 million Americans over age 65, the need for quality assisted living services is growing tremendously. We’re proud to help meet this need by providing a luxurious retirement facility in Ventura, California, perfect for those looking for a safe haven in old age. For more information, Contact Us today and speak with our representatives. You may schedule a tour our top class buildings and facilities. Download our Brochure here.