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Alzheimer’s: When the most loving thing you can do may feel like the most difficult decision.

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Alzheimer’s: When the most loving thing you can do may feel like the most difficult decision

There comes a point when reasoning with an aging parent becomes incredibly tough. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, or other forms of memory loss, the gradual progression of these conditions requires increasing amounts of supervision and caretaking as time passes. In almost all cases, the patient in question will be unaware of how much their needs are affecting you as their adult child. Rationalizing with someone who isn’t completely mentally present can be painful. On one hand, you love them and want to respect their wishes to put off seeking professional care, but on the other hand you have the judgement and intuition to understand that professional memory care and assisted living is ultimately in their best interest.

Even with the best intentions, you could be losing earnings and still not providing adequate care

As a son or daughter, you want to do everything you can to give your parent comfort and safety, but it can be difficult without extensive personal research and an open schedule to provide for their needs. You could also be losing a large amount of earnings and benefits over this period of time. The AARP found caretakers lost an average of $303,880 in wages and benefits in this study.

Assisted living and memory care in Ventura, CA

The decision is too much for an aging parent

As someone dealing with memory loss, the experience can be disorienting, uncomfortable, and embarrassing if they aren’t cared for appropriately. The elderly tend to focus on pleasant situations and have difficulty with complex decisions, especially time pressured or time sensitive matters. This is part of the reason why senior care experts suggest moving into a senior living community before the situation becomes pressing. Aging makes the brain less elastic and therefore less receptive to new information, and Alzheimer’s and dementia prevent the brain from carrying out complex thoughts. There can come a point when you need to just step in and be the rational person in control of the situation. In many cases, you should consider what your loved one would say about the situation if they were of sound mind and body. At Ventura Townehouse, we understand the difficulty of this choice, but we know our specialized care will meets the level of need to give your loved one safety, health, and happiness as their memory loss progresses. We specialize in senior living because we understand the importance and need for high quality senior care.

Ventura Townehouse has a targeted approach to memory care with our Gardens program

Even with the best of intentions, it’s incredibly tough to provide a level of care at home that offers the specialization of a knowledgeable group of providers at an assisted living facility. Alzheimer’s puts your loved one at a higher risk for accidental mishaps and injuries during sundowning and periods of wandering. It takes a strong understanding of the mind and the progression of the disease to shape mentally stimulating activities that honor your loved one and provide security and care that meets their needs. Eating on a schedule, increased social opportunities, and help managing medicine can help your parent thrive and delay progression of their disease. These are just some of the basic services we offer for seniors with Alzheimer’s in Ventura, CA. We also plan interesting and absorbing activities that help stave off the acceleration of memory loss in your loved one from yoga, tai-chi, arts and crafts, brain teasers, we offer many ways to keep the brain active. Our care program protects your loved one from rapid changes in memory functions and brings them happiness and safety each and every day.

Ventura Townehouse is senior living community that offers connection and care for seniors in beautiful Ventura, California.

It can be difficult to decide to turn care for your loved one over to a professional, but the opportunities for brain stimulation, connection with other seniors, and 24-hour medical care are a responsible option that can give your loved one more help and prevent difficulties for them. If you’re looking for expert and compassionate care, call us to arrange a visit at 1-805-232-3676 to see if our community is right for your loved one now.