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Assisted living: Part hospitality - part personal care.

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Assisted living: Part hospitality - part personal assistance.

The concept of assisted living is difficult to define in the consciousness of the general public. This is due in part to the fact that assisted living is a fairly recent concept having been implemented on a large scale only as recently as approximately 25 years ago in most areas, and extending back generally no further than 30 years in a few select areas of the United States.

Before Assisted Living

Prior to the design of assisted living, the primary source of professional senior care was skilled nursing facilities. Skilled nursing ultimately did not sufficiently address important issues like stimulating activities for residents, comfortable private quarters that feel like home, or high quality meals. Because the current generation of seniors were middle aged during the height of skilled nursing facilities, it is common for them to associate modern senior living communities with vintage skilled nursing facilities - but the two institutions are mostly dissimilar besides the fact that both care for seniors.

How assisted living evolved from vintage skilled nursing facilities.

Assisted living is the most popular choice for seniors because it is based on choice.

Assisted living is the most popular senior care solution in the United States with over 1 million seniors living in assisted living communities in 50 states. Assisted living allows seniors to choose how much care they receive and how independent their daily routines are. Rather than being funneled into a universal care solution like vintage skilled nursing facilities, assisted living meets the needs of residents on an individual level.

Combining personal assistance with lifestyle and hospitality services

Naturally, some residents require specific care services. Memory loss is an unfortunate result of aging, therefore it’s very common for assisted living communities to employ specialists to help residents with mild cognitive impairment, alzheimer’s, or dementia. The important feature of assisted living communities which make them the best solution for senior care is the way in which they combine personal assistance with hospitality services similar to what you may find in a hotel or vacation resort - excellent food, concierge services,and activities and events. This gives residents the opportunity to enjoy their retirement by focusing on things they enjoy, while also having access to the personal assistance they may require. Because of this, assisted living is not just a living solution for seniors who can’t live at home, it’s a bona fide lifestyle choice for seniors looking for easy retirement living.

55+ communities, senior apartments, senior living communities, and independent living

It’s common to see organizations which go by names such as 55+ communities, senior apartments, senior living communities, independent living, and other terms. Although there are different phrases and names used in various parts of the United States to describe various configurations of senior care, these phrases generally describe communities focused more on lifestyle for seniors and the hospitality component of assisted living. These are great options for seniors - particularly those with little need for assistance.

Ventura Townehouse provides comprehensive lifestyle and care options

Ventura Townehouse fills a natural niche in the senior living market by providing living options for a range of seniors. Ventura Townehouse has all of the hospitality and lifestyle features that you might find in 55+ communities, senior apartments, or senior living communities, while providing the personal assistance of assisted living and the memory loss programs found in memory care facilities. By providing a comprehensive set of lifestyle features and assistance services, Ventura Townehouse is able to meet the evolving needs of its residents, so if or when a residents needs change, we simply add the services they need. If you’re searching for a senior living community, assisted living care, or long term care for memory loss for a family member, please visit our community in Ventura, CA.