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Senior Living: Setting goals, staying active, and aging gracefully

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Senior Living: Setting goals, staying active, and aging gracefully

Retirement is a time for seniors to relax and enjoy their newfound free time, but this doesn’t mean it is a time to slow down! Throughout retirement, seniors can use their increase in free time to explore their personal hobbies, socialize with friends and family, and try new things. However, for some seniors, the lack of responsibility during retirement can create the issue of having too much free time, which can be overwhelming. To avoid being overwhelmed by the sudden increase in free time, it is important for seniors to set goals and stay active.

As an upscale senior living community in Ventura, we know that the key to healthy aging is maintaining a sense of purpose. We encourage our residents to participate in our many community activities, which include planned community outings, live entertainment, and exercise programs, in addition to pursuing their personal hobbies and passions.

Senior Living: Setting goals, staying active, and aging gracefully

The Importance of Active Aging

At the start of retirement, many seniors are excited for the increase in free time they have. However, like a student who counts the days until summer vacation only to get bored one month into it, this excitement can turn into lethargy if seniors don’t set goals and stay active, and this lethargy could inspire feelings of isolation and depression. Active aging, which is a term used to describe the activities required to maintain a healthy lifestyle and positive outlook during retirement, is beneficial to physical, mental, and cognitive health. Staying active during retirement has been linked to a strengthened immune system, improved cardiovascular and gastrointestinal function, and even the improvement of chronic illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease and some forms of cancer.

Staying Active During Retirement

Setting goals and staying active during retirement are important for active aging. Setting goals gives seniors something to look forward to, breaks up their free time, and prevents them from falling into excessive monotony in their day-to-day lives. Many seniors enjoy journaling as a way to reflect on their days and accomplishments and plan for their future. Reminiscing through journaling and community engagement has been shown to decrease feelings of depression and improve life satisfaction. Journaling could even turn into a hobby in and of itself (many seniors use their retirement to write their memoirs).

However, in addition to setting personal goals and reflecting on life, it is important for seniors to stay active. Community activities, such as group exercise and outings, help improve mobility,  physical health, and reduce feelings of isolation, which may affect retired seniors.

It is important for seniors to set goals and stay active during their retirement to remain healthy, age gracefully, and live a fulfilling life.

Setting goals, reflecting on experiences, and scheduling time for social activities and hobbies helps seniors make the most of their free time and maintain their physical, mental, and cognitive health. At Ventura Townehouse, we encourage resident of our independent living community to age actively by engaging in our many community activities and setting personal goals. Please contact us for more information or to tour our senior living community.