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Senior Living: Outdoor Activities for Retired Seniors

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Senior Living: Outdoor Activities for Retired Seniors

Physical activity is an important part of maintaining a healthy routine for retired seniors. Walking on the treadmill can get boring after a while, though. Where to go? Many seniors look to the great outdoors. Outdoor activity keeps the body engaged and healthy while also providing beneficial vitamin D from the sun.

Senior Living: Outdoor Activities for Retired Seniors

Weekly Aerobic Activity

The CDC suggests that adults age 65 or older need at least two hours and thirty minutes of aerobic activity every week. One of the best ways those in independent living or community living situations can reach these goals is by going outside. Ventura Townehouse, an upscale senior living community in Ventura, encourages outdoor activities for retired seniors. When seniors are able to get outside for any reason, whether a walk or yard games, their quality of life improves.

Sports and Games for Seniors

There are many ways for seniors to stay active outside. These are some of the best things that any senior and their caretakers can engage in.

Taking a Walk: Nature walks are a wonderful part of a healthy and active routine. Seniors can take part in them alone or socialize with each other or visitors. Walks can begin with a short route and increase in length as seniors become more used to the exercise.

Yard Games: There are many yard games that seniors can participate in. Games like frisbee and badminton are wonderful for those in senior living communities who like to socialize while they exercise. Other games, like horseshoes and beanbag tosses, can be group games or independent games. There are even many games that can be modified to allow people to sit while participating, such as flying a kite.

Gardening: Gardening is one of the best ways to promote wellness while enjoying the outdoors. Seniors can see their efforts pay off in the form of beautiful flowers and vegetables. Gardening also requires lifting and using tools that strengthen muscles. The CDC recommends that older adults work on all major muscle groups ranging from legs to arms to the abdomen, and gardening can target all of these areas.

Water sports: Seniors have a variety of choices when it comes to water activities for health. Sliding into an outdoor pool for water aerobics is one way to target specific muscle groups with exercise. Water aerobics can often feel less impactful than those done out of the water, although they work just as effectively. This is one way for people in independent living communities to stay in shape with a relaxing and fun workout.

Animal Watching: For those that are more interested in what is in the water than getting in the water themselves, there is always fishing. Catch-and-release fishing is a fun way for seniors to remain active both in mind and body. Other seniors may enjoy sitting on a bench and feeding birds or squirrels or watching them with a pair of binoculars.

Party-planning: The great outdoors allows social seniors opportunities to plan picnics or parties for those in their communities. With the warm sun overhead, outdoor picnics offer community fun for all. Seniors can plan these for visitors to their senior living community, or they can get together and create a potluck meal to share with each other.

Staying Outside as a Senior

Whether looking for a place to take a scenic walk, sit on a bench and watch animals, or play yard games outdoors, Ventura Townehouse is a wonderful senior living community. Staff and residents here understand how important staying active outdoors is in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. See more information about our activity programs.