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Senior Living: 5 Travel Hot Spots for Retired Adults

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Senior Living: 5 Travel Hot Spots for Retired Adults

You finally have the free time to travel, and you’ve saved up some money. For retired adults, senior living is the perfect time to check off some of those bucket list destinations. There are many travel packages offered specifically to seniors across cruises, plane trips, and even walking tours.

So how do you find the best places to vacation when there are so many options? An active senior living community, such as Ventura Townehouse, sees the travel hot spots retired adults are favoring. There are also many websites, such as, that specialize in helping retired seniors find exciting vacations.

Senior Living: 5 Travel Hot Spots for Retired Adults

Here are 5 hot spots that are especially popular with retired adults:

National Parks

National Parks are a favorite for seniors - and with good reason. They can be found in every climate, so whether you prefer sunny beaches or rigorous hikes, there is a park you will enjoy. The National Park Service offers the America the Beautiful Senior Pass, which allows people age 62 or older to pay less than $100 for a lifetime pass to all national parks.


Historic Cities

Many of the most popular hot spots for seniors involve learning along with activity. Riding along historic train tracks in Colorado or exploring cities that are hundreds of years old in Key West Old Town or Saint Augustine connects adventurers to experts who have a lot to teach.


Foreign Islands

Island-hopping has always been a popular vacation for people of all ages. The San Juan Islands, Cuba, and the Bahamas all remain favorites. On an island, entertainment options range from fishing to yachting to viewing wildlife. Locals can point out famous places and provide cultural experiences by teaching about dances, music, games, and food.


Art Tours

Art tours provide a range of activities for both adventurers and for people who want a more laid-back vacation. Most museums provide guided educational tours, or you can explore at will. Nearly every major city contains museums, whether your budget involves a plane ticket to Paris or a trip around the States. In America, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a popular destination.


Foreign Countries

Whatever your bucket list destinations may be, there are trips and advisors ready to help you get there. Two of Road Scholar’s most popular trips are the trip along the Seine from Normandy to Paris and Hiking the Cinque Terre in Italy. Along the Seine, history buffs will learn about D-Day while viewing its history in person, and foodies will enjoy the villages along the Cinque Terre.

Choosing Your Vacation

Ventura Townehouse Active Senior Living in Ventura pays close attention to trends in travel for retired adults. Recent trends indicate that the most popular destinations involve nature, art, and history. If you're searching for a senior living community in Ventura, please contact us to schedule a tour.


Before you decide where to go, determine what you want out of your vacation. Do you prefer walking or would you need transportation? Are you willing to travel out of the country, or is a local museum tour a better choice? Finally, decide how much guidance you want on your tour. There are a variety of experts ready to teach and lead you through any city - or you can plan ahead and lead yourself!


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