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Senior Living: Top Senior Living Trends

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Senior Living: Top Senior Living Trends

Senior housing is in transition. As baby boomers begin to age toward retirement, senior living communities have experienced many fun changes.

Modern senior living is defined by active living, vacations, health, hobbies, and fulfillment. Ventura Townehouse is a senior living community in Ventura CA, and our team has embraced this advancement in senior lifestyles. Seniors are looking for communities that bring them joy and friendship in their retirement.

Senior Living: Top Senior Living Trends


2018 Senior Living Trends

Modular Housing

Senior living communities are beginning to mirror the way that Americans live. Seniors are seeking out unique personal residences and choices in how they arrange their homes. Senior Housing News reports that this means that “units are getting smaller, not bigger. And in some cases, more scattered.” Seniors want spaces that are efficient and easy to customize and personalize with easy access to common, shared areas.

Diverse Healthcare Options

The pointclickcare blog found that 95% of consumers looking for senior living communities have chronic health problems. Communities know that their residents have varied needs and seek ways to help everyone at an individual level. The rise in person-centered care has led to more individualistic solutions to everyone’s needs.

Urban Focus

More and more, seniors are moving into cities to satisfy their cravings for connections and culture. Senior living communities are recognizing this desire to be a part of a community and are finding ways to integrate arts, human interactions, and travel more often.


Choice is key to today’s seniors. They want to be able to select meals, activities, and schedules, and they are happier when they have the ability to select and customize their senior living experiences. As the person-centered care trend continues, people can expect to find more choices.


What to Expect for Senior Living in 2019

As these trends continue, seniors can expect to be able to ask questions about how much their communities are willing to customize to provide them with the best experience possible. Person-centered senior living communities are now offering everything from customizable wake-up times to meal options to help with vacation opportunities as options for their residents, and residents are happier than ever.

If you exploring senior living communities in Ventura County, please tour our community to discover the modern senior lifestyles our residents enjoy.



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