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Senior Living: Building Happiness in Senior Living Communities

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Senior Living: Building Happiness in Senior Living Communities

The transition to senior living is an exciting process for older adults. Active senior living communities provide more than just attractive personal residences and dining arrangements. Helping residents build an active lifestyle is an important component of a modern, active senior living program.

Senior Living: Building Happiness in Senior Living Communities

How Active Senior Living Leads to Happiness

Staff Who Care

The staff members who interact with seniors on a daily basis make the biggest difference in the happiness of seniors. Staff facilitate fun activities, keep residents motivated, and help make life easier whenever possible.


When senior living communities focus on building community among all their members, residents are happier. The Senior Solutions Management Group suggests that meals are a key part of socialization because they provide a time for seniors to interact with each other on a regular schedule. Providing time, space, and structured activities for families to participate in also helps fulfill seniors’ social needs.

Whole-Person Care

When senior living communities cater to the whole person, they create opportunities for exercise, artistic expression, spiritual expression, and intellectual pursuits as well.

Where to Start

The best place to start building happiness in a senior living community is with the seniors themselves. Ventura Townehouse focuses on this by treating seniors with a person-centered mindset. When seniors are treated in all areas of their lives, they feel more comfortable and happier.

Staff in senior living communities can take small steps daily to increase seniors’ level of happiness. For example, they can create community events or serve seniors at shared mealtimes. They can also make sure to greet seniors by name and speak with them about their lives. These changes may seem small, but they surely help seniors to grow happier bit by bit!


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