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Senior Living: The Health Benefits of Swimming for Older Adults

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Senior Living: The Health Benefits of Swimming for Older Adults


If you’re trying to get into shape this summer, why not head to your local pool or beach? Swimming is a great choice for older adults in particular, since it’s low impact and has a lower risk of injury than many other forms of exercise. But there’s several other good reasons to make swimming a part of your regular exercise routine.


At Ventura Townehouse, we promote an active senior lifestyle and encourage our residents to engage in a variety of fitness activities. We know it’s much easier to stay in shape when you’re having fun, and swimming can be a great way to socialize while you work out.

Senior Living: The Health Benefits of Swimming for Older Adults

Swimming offers many benefits for older adults, including:


Gentle on your joints

Swimming is an excellent way to get the benefits of cardio without the stress on your joints that’s usually associated with aerobic exercise. Its low impact nature means you’ll be in less pain following a water-based workout, which is especially important for anyone with arthritis.


Increases strength

The natural resistance that water provides helps strengthen muscles throughout your entire body. Swimming is especially good for improving back and core strength.


Good for mental health

If you spend any time at the beach, you’re likely already familiar with the fact that water is incredibly calming. Swimming regularly can lower stress levels, improve mood and sleep, and alleviate depression and anxiety.


Lowers risk of falls

Did you know swimming has been proven to lower the risk of falls? One study found that 7 months of regular swimming reduced falls by 86%. And a small 2014 study found that out of a variety of light physical activities, swimming was the only one that reduced fall risk.

Improves heart health

Any form of exercise is good for your heart, but some workouts are better than others. Research shows that regular swimming significantly lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease.


Closing thoughts

Swimming is a great addition to any senior exercise routine, and it’s suitable for a wide variety of needs and fitness levels. It works out your entire body without putting too much stress on your joints and doesn’t require any special equipment. Best of all, swimming can be enjoyed year-round if you have access to an indoor pool.


As an independent living community, Ventura Townehouse recognizes the importance of senior fitness. We encourage an active lifestyle with amenities like a fitness room specialized for seniors and a personal trainer who is well-versed in senior fitness. For more information about Ventura Townehouse, or to schedule a tour, contact us today.