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Senior Living: How Senior Fitness Centers Make Active Aging Possible

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Senior Living: How Senior Fitness Centers Make Active Aging Possible


Getting in shape can be an intimidating prospect. Even if you’re already active, the changes that come with aging often require adjustments to your workouts – and this can be nearly as challenging as joining a new gym.


Fortunately, senior-focused fitness centers are becoming much more widespread in recent years. As a senior living community dedicated to providing a healthy aging experience, Ventura Townehouse understands the difficulties that can accompany an active senior lifestyle. In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways that senior fitness centers make active aging possible for seniors all over the country.

Senior Living: How Senior Fitness Centers Make Active Aging Possible


The Benefits of a Senior Gym


Senior gyms often don’t look much different than their all-ages counterparts, but it’s the attention to detail that truly sets senior fitness centers apart.


For example, special consideration is given to creating a comfortable atmosphere. The music in senior fitness centers tends to be on the quieter side, often playing songs from the ‘50s and ‘60s rather than blasting the modern radio hits that are commonly heard in typical fitness environments.


Senior fitness centers also make a point to hire older adults as their staff, which contributes to a more welcoming atmosphere. These staffing choices are practical as well; it’s important for trainers to understand the needs of older members to help them avoid injury and learn appropriate workouts. On a related note, equipment is another key factor; many senior gyms provide low-impact machines featuring technology such as air-powered resistance training.


Exercise classes are a popular feature at any gym, and senior fitness centers are no exception. Classes at a senior fitness center are designed to meet a wide variety of needs, and often include various modifications to help members customize their workouts. You’re likely to find classes similar to any other gym, including Zumba, yoga, and low-impact aerobic workouts.


Closing Thoughts


Senior fitness centers provide a supportive environment in which members can be surrounded by like-minded peers. By tailoring their services and atmosphere specifically to the needs of older adults, senior fitness centers help encourage healthy choices and an active senior lifestyle. They indirectly address many common fears and objections that some retirees have when it comes to working out, such as fears of injury or feelings of intimidation.


At Ventura Townhouse, we prioritize active aging and senior fitness, and our amenities are designed to support and encourage an active senior lifestyle. We have an on-site fitness center which includes a personal trainer to support the fitness needs of our members. For more information about our senior living community, click here.