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Senior Living: Wildlife and sightseeing vacations.

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

Senior Living: Wildlife and sightseeing vacations.


The freedom to travel and explore is one of the most liberating and exciting aspects of the modern senior lifestyle. Older adults who have spent time in careers and caring for families often relish the opportunity to visit new locations and indulge in their personal interests. Sightseeing and wildlife focused trips can be one of the most rewarding retirement activities. As an active senior living community in Ventura, we understand the value that travel and sightseeing adds to the retirement experience.

Senior Living: Wildlife and sightseeing vacations.


Choosing a travel endeavor of this nature can be challenging, and getting started with your plans generally comes down to how adventurous you’re feeling, how far you want to travel, and of course, what kind of wildlife you want to experience in person. If you search, there are endless travel companies offering sightseeing tours of nearly every kind. Here are a few choice ideas:


An Alaska Cruise


Yes, a cruise to Alaska will involve opportunities to observe wildlife. A few species of whales and other marine life can be seen out at sea. During docking periods when you have a chance to explore Alaska’s terrain, you can find moose, bears, deer, and even wolves in some areas.


The Florida Keys


The Florida Keys contain the most tropical and subtropical ecosystem in the continental United States. Snorkeling trips can be experienced on almost every small island connected by the overseas highway. Sprawling coral reefs contain an amazing collection of coral species, plantlife, and fishlife from bright small fishes to massive sportfish.




This is a region in the United States where larger animals can be seen. Colorado also contains a collection of byways which allow travelers to get close to wild areas and wild animals without leaving their cars. Wildlife that be commonly observed here includes Elk, Mule, Deer, Mountain Goats, Mountain Lions, Coyotes, Wolves, and Bobcats.




Wildlife sightseeing is a rewarding activity that can be experienced in many locations and different ways. The flexibility, sense of adventure, and the many way in which wildlife sightseeing can be experienced make it a natural fit for a modern senior living lifestyle and retirement experience.