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How assisted living IS independent living

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

One of the most common preconceptions about an assisted living community is that seniors in an assisted living program are restricted by their residence or the support staff in the community.


This is not the case.


Assisted living residents are free to do whatever suits them

Assisted living residents are free to do whatever suits them, from playing musical instruments, to working on art, watching movies, and really engaging in whatever kinds of things they would be interested in if they weren’t living in an assisted living community. Support staff and communities are actually very carefully designed to ensure that residents are free to do whatever they like as if they were living in their own home or private residence off the property. What an assisted living community does is recreate everything that a person enjoys about their home - having their own space, being comfortable, having privacy, and spending their free time doing whatever they choose.


Support staff and the amenities of the community are there to serve the resident, making life easier for them and taking any cumbersome tasks off of their hands like laundry, housekeeping, and cooking. These are chores for people at any age, and assisted living handles these chores for residents so they can relax, rest, and indulge in their favorite activities.


Now, with a more luxury and upscale community like Ventura Townehouse, we go over the top by providing exceptional amenities and support across the entire community. This can be seen in things like our music room, exercise spaces, our tastefully appointed personal residences with assorted floor plans to choose from, and our restaurant level fine dining program.


Ventura Townehouse

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