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Senior Living: Why older adults are choosing to continue working during retirement

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Since its inception in the 18th century, retirement has always been a straightforward event, and it’s one that nearly everyone looks forward to. But in recent years, retirement as we know it has changed, and it’s no longer uncommon for older adults to remain in the workforce.

As a senior living community in Ventura, CA, Ventura Townehouse keeps up to date with retirement trends. Here are a few reasons why a growing number of people are choosing to stay in the workforce during their retirement years.

Senior Living: Why older adults are choosing to continue working during retirement

Extra Income

The most obvious – and common – reason for people to keep working during retirement is for the extra income. In modern times, retirement can last for many decades, and that’s hard to budget for. Living on a fixed income can be difficult, and continuing to work, even part-time, can make a huge difference to one’s quality of life. But even if it’s not financially necessary, many older adults decide to keep working to help pay for travel and other luxuries.

A Sense of Fulfillment

Though many people consider work and leisure to be entirely separate, this isn’t the case for everyone. After all, if you find joy, purpose, and personal fulfillment in your career, it may be difficult and unappealing to imagine life without work. Retirees who are passionate about their jobs often decide to delay retirement or forgo it altogether, like Gary Wordlaw, a news director who says he never plans to retire.

Other Benefits

Aside from providing a sense of purpose and satisfaction, working offers other valuable benefits. One of the most common struggles for new retirees is adjusting to the sudden lack of structure and abundance of free time that retirement brings. This is especially the case for those who work mentally or physically demanding jobs. It comes as no surprise, then, that some older adults want to continue working to stay engaged with life and avoid becoming bored or lonely.

Closing Thoughts

With age comes greater knowledge, and an increasing number of employers are recognizing the value that older workers have to offer – which is great news for those who want to continue working past traditional retirement age. Whether it’s out of financial necessity, or due to a desire to keep busy, remaining in the workforce part-time or on a flexible basis is an increasingly appealing option for many seniors.

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