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The Makeup of An Active Senior Living Community

by Ventura Townehouse Admin

There are so many different ways to establish and maintain a senior living community. The needs and preferences of a retired adult vary immensely according to the things that make up each individual; personal values, lifestyle, background, health, personality type, and intangibles. If you search far enough, you’ll find a senior living community that could be perfect for a retired adult, depending on what it is they need most out of a senior living community.

At Ventura Townehouse, while we are home to a broad range of individuals from different backgrounds and having different lifestyles, we can be the perfect community for older adults who seek an active retirement experience in a mid-sized coastal city in California. This is how we bring this lifestyle to reality for hundreds of retired adults:

Active Independent Living Is A Choice For Many Older Adults

We are big fans of an active lifestyle for everyone, not just retired adults. We place great emphasis on exercise, healthy diet, outdoors, and having fun while being active. Now, many of the independent living residents at Ventura Townehouse don’t necessarily need the assistance or service provided in a senior living community. Certainly many of our residents are healthy, active, and present enough to live independently in a private home and manage their own lives. Choosing Ventura Townehouse as an active retirement community is all about choice. While many residents could manage their own home, living at Ventura Townehouse frees them from the work of managing their household, cleaning, cooking, and other daily functions of running a home. This frees them up to relish their retirement and focus mainly on pursuing the activities they enjoy the most.

Prioritizing Activity and Lifestyle

This is the core philosophy of a modern active retirement experience; prioritizing activity and lifestyle. We have carefully structured our independent living program to give seniors the most possible time and freedom. We do this by providing amazing gourmet meals so they don’t have to cook or clean a kitchen, we do this by providing light housekeeping and day to day help when it’s wanted, and we provide a modern retirement property that has many activity rooms built in, but is also nicely situated near shopping, entertainment, and outdoors activities. Residents can find ways to be active either on the property or off, and while they’re here we work to make life easy, comfortable, and fun.

Ventura Townehouse

Active Senior Living in Ventura, CA

We provide a smart mix of amenities, resort services, and total independence. Our role in your retirement is to make life easy, keep you comfortable, and provide a vehicle for you to enjoy a happy retirement experience. If this sounds like what you’re searching for in a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, please contact us to tour our community or for more information about our senior living programs.