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Georgia and Frank Wylie

A warm welcome to Georgia and Frank Wyllie

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Georgia was born in Oakland, CA. She grew up in Castro Valley, CA in a neighborhood surrounded by lots of farms and chickens. Frank grew up nearby in San Leandro, CA. They first met at the roller-skating rink and both Georgia and Frank loved roller skating. In fact, they each won awards in their Dance and Figure Skating competitions! And that wasn’t Frank’s only win. He also managed to win Georgia over with his listening skills! Georgia shared that she had a crush on Frank’s best friend, Doug. When Doug failed to pick her up from the skating rink and bring her home, she asked Frank. She adds how in that moment she knew Frank was her man. Soon after that they started dating. One memory she has is when they went to a Johnny Mathis concert and heard the song “Chances Are.” They later married at the young ages of 18 and 19 years old.

Frank was drafted for a 4-year service in the Air Force. He served in Vietnam, and for his last year was stationed in Las Vegas. After living in Las Vegas, they moved to San Leandro where Frank’s parents were living. Frank worked as an electrician but mostly in construction. Georgia was a stay-at-home mom, and later worked as a bookkeeper for attorneys. They both like being outdoors and enjoy walking as a form of exercise. They have a son and a daughter, 5 grandchildren and a two-year-old great-grandchild.

After living by the ocean at Seaward among younger crowds, Georgia says it was a good decision to come to the Ventura Townehouse. She noted everyone is “kind and considerate.” One day while visiting Frank in Memory Care, Georgia was moved by the pleasant music she heard in the background and asked Frank to dance. With both having a winning background in dance, roller skating, and the love they share for one another, that special dance that day sure cheered Frank up and warmed his heart. Hooray to Love, Music, Dancing, and our new Mr. & Mrs. Wyllie!