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Five reasons your loved one could benefit from exercise

When an aging parent needs help with daily life or is suffering from degenerative memory loss such as Alzheimer’s disease, it’s more important than ever to keep some exercise in their routine. But finding the right options and feeling safe enough to carry them out can be tough on a family member and this is one of the reasons assisted living in Ventura, CA can offer great benefit. If you also work part-time or full-time outside the home, bringing your loved one enough safe opportunities for movement can seem impossible. Ventura Townehouse is a cheerful senior living center that offers fun classes for seniors. Here are some of the greatest benefits to these programs.

Benefits of active senior living

Classes like tai chi create increased mental awareness.

For people with memory loss, exercises that help in concentration and balance help bring them to the present. Tai chi classes help your loved one practice controlled breathing and careful slow body movements to help them retain muscle control. The experience of exercises led by a certified fitness teacher ensure safe movement for your loved one to improve their mental focus on their immediate surroundings.

Being active slows further memory degradation.

Getting the body up and moving promotes circulation and stimulates the body. By keeping alert and following a routine, your loved one practices patterns of exercise steps that keep the brain learning.

Exercise helps your loved one get a good night’s rest.

Alzheimer’s is known for sundowning and restless wandering in the evenings. Taking part in a class at our facility for assisted living  helps the body relax and promotes a deeper night’s sleep. Going to bed and staying asleep is easier for people who exercise regularly.

Social and physical activity boosts moods.

Your loved one gets interaction with others and an endorphin boost from classes like our gentle yoga class. Group fitness helps energize us to carry out a routine and getting that movement helps the body’s serotonin kick in, giving us that calm, joyful mood we all can use.

Taking part in a physical activity decreases the immediate effects of memory loss.

For someone with dementia or a memory condition, the buildup and repetition of different moves lessens the confusion and frustration your loved one will encounter. Getting involved in activities requiring coordination like yoga poses keeps the neural networks in the brain active. Your loved one experiences success and gets help with modifications that bring them opportunity.

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