Nurturing Body, Mind & Spirit

At the Townehouse we nurture body, mind and spirit while creating a lifestyle that is healthy, active and fun.

Our residents enjoy a wide variety of activities devoted to increasing the strength and flexibility of the “whole person.” For the body, we offer three delicious home-cooked meals daily, including fresh, homemade bread and desserts, so delicious that even our staff look forward to them. Also for the body, our amazing fitness program includes a large Fitness Center, complete with our very own trainer and exercise trail for building and maintaining stamina. We challenge minds with lively word games, fun game-show type challenges, compelling guest lecturers and a large library. Spirit is nurtured in our chapel, garden walks and guided reminiscence. Additional activities include continuing health education, house entertainment and participation in Ventura’s thriving cultural life. And since we deeply value the importance of extended community, we welcome family, friends and neighbors to join us for regularly scheduled special events.