Ventura Townehouse

Happy Mother's Day
Sean, Director of Dining Services, wishes all Mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day! We will see all of our family this Sunday, May 12th for the Mother’s Day Luncheon.
Easter Sunday
Dining crew gathered together prior to the Easter festivities.
Picture of the Day!
A gorgeous day in Ventura after the rain, with the sun brightening everything up.
Photo of the Day
Santa Claus paid us a visit, spending quality time with our residents.
Photo of the Day
Santa Claus paid us a visit, spending quality time with our residents.
Photo of the Day
Our dining team being festive with their holiday sweaters.
Picture of the Week
We celebrated Veterans Day at the Townehouse with a memorable ceremony. We honor our Veterans at the Townehouse and all around the country. Thank you sincerely, for your dedicated service to the USA!
Picture of the Week
Our resident Sandra was in the Halloween spirit. Detailed art work painted on her face by one of our talented employees.
Bingo "Bling" event held at the Townehouse.
Scholarship Fund Raiser to annually benefit Ventura's Graduating Senior High School Girls. Everyone had a great time and it was an honor raising money for such a good cause.
Picture of the Week
It is always our pleasure to honor our employee of the month. This month, we awarded Raul! Great job Raul!
Dancing at the TowneHouse
Always take the time to dance!
Good Times!
The guys join in on a friendly competition of billiards.
Picture of the Day
When family shows up!
Picture of the Day
Residents Leslie Wright and Janet Greenberg tapping into youthful play, enjoying their bubbles while relaxing.
Picture of the Day
Celebrating our nation! Happy 4th everyone, from the Townehouse!
Picture of the Day
Were just honored our Community Memorial Hospital Volunteers at our Appreciation Breakfast. They do a fantastic job serving our community.
Picture of the Day
Fun at Ventura Townehouse Happy Hour
Picture of the Day
Wine and Cheese happy hour is always a happy time. Kenny Walters entertained us with some great ukulele and guitar playing.
Picture of the Day
Our very own, "Ventura Townehouse Singers" performed in concert recently and put on an outstanding show for our residents and guests. Bravo!
Mother's Day
The Mother's Day flowers came pouring in over the weekend for our many wonderful Townehouse Mother's. Happy Mother's Day!
Photo of the Day
Celebrating Cinco De Mayo with a fantastic Mariachi band!
Picture of the Day
Nothing like a good ole fashioned card game. Socialization and a little bit of competition is great for the soul.
Picture of the Day
Many children attended our annual Easter egg hunt and were surprised to have the Easter Bunny in their presence. The children were in awe!
Picture of the Day
The Easter Bunny made an appearance at the Townehouse last weekend. The children were ecstatic.
Picture of the Day
Spreading some Easter love, from the one and only, Easter Bunny! A hug is contagious!
Picture of the Day
The Catterwailers performing at our Wine and Cheese Social. They know how to get the crowd going!
Picture of the Day
We love honoring Sheldon & Breezy from our local hometown newspaper, The Ventura Breeze. Here is a photo of them being honored at our monthly Community Appreciation Breakfast; they do so much for seniors and this county.”
St. Patrick's day
St. Patrick's day fun with Muffi Ehrlich.
Santa Claus is coming to town
Our residents get ready for the holidays with a visit from Kris Kringle
Elder Buddy Program
Al Phillips, a Townehouse resident, engaged with our students during an Elder Buddy Visit. Inter-generational program, building lasting relations with each other.
Getting into the Halloween Spirit!
Alice and Isabelle getting into the Halloween spirit, enjoying a great photo opportunity in our front entryway.
Photo of the Day
Dr. Woodling captured everyone’s attention last week, during one of his monthly speaking engagements, in our 7th Floor Vista Room.
Beautiful sunrise
looking North East, from our 7th floor, Vista Room balcony.
The Men's Forum
A solid group of gentlemen, who meet regularly and discuss news, politics, leisure, etc. A great way to bond!
Over 12 Acres!
Our breathtaking, magnificent grounds available for our seniors. Twelve acres for our residents to enjoy!
Classical music in our front lobby.
Wine and cheese social with classical music in our front lobby.
New Artwork.
One of our new artwork pieces we acquired from Latitudes Fine Art Gallery, a local dealer here in Ventura.
Another beautiful afternoon
enjoying lemonade on the patio, while enjoying live entertainment.
Happy 4th of July!
One of our many food displays that are talented dining team put together. Cheers to the red, white and blue!
Introducing Ana Avendo
one of our passionate cooks here at the Townehouse. Anna recently was awarded Employee of the Month. Not surprising, due to her creativity, attention to detail and team spirit. Thank you, Ana, for making a difference!
Our beautiful rose garden
in our courtyard is vibrant and inviting. Our guests always pause to smell the roses.
A beautifully decorated garden apartment patio.
Our residents add their own personal touches to their private patios, which create a tranquil and inviting environment.
Friday afternoons are always a hit
Our wine and cheese parties on Friday afternoons are always a hit. Many of our residents dance the afternoon away.
Nobody will leave the table hungry
A decadent, chocolate cupcake with a strawberry on top, handcrafted by one of our bakers.
Appreciation Breakfast
Irma Morales, Senior City Librarian, and Aleta Rodrigues, Circulation Supervisor of our local, EP Foster Library, were honored during our Community Appreciation Breakfast.
Sipping on lemonade in the Ventura sunshine
while listening to tranquil live music. Very zen like!
our residents get to enjoy our refreshing mimosa's.
Joe on harmonica, and Irene on piano.
They sure make a great pair, and bring musical pleasure to all around.
Military Spouse Appreciation Day
Last Friday, May 12 we honored "Military Spouse Appreciation Day." So, grateful for our military spouses, and for the nice event we hosted, in honor of those well-deserved spouses.
Our new bus officially arrived today
Hot off the press. Our residents are excited to give her whirl!
Ventura Townhouse new bus
Our new bus arrives early next week. We are very excited to view a sneak peek at the graphics, that are currently being installed. We can't wait to surprise our residents.
Frank, our fitness guru,
is always there to keep our residents in shape!
Cinco De Mayo
This made everyone smile! Mariachi's always bring joy! One of our very one Townhouse employees is the 2nd trumpet player.
Our Calandrinia
drought tolerant plants are blooming nicely throughout our property.
The Townehouse grounds are filled with mature fruit bearing trees, lemons, peaches, oranges, avocados, and carob just to name a few that can be found in abundance.
Working out at the Fitness Center
Aerial view of Ventura Townhouse
Spanning over 12 acres! Our stunning location combines a unique lifestyle with the welcoming warmth and unsurpassed beauty of Ventura.
Ventura Townhouse hospitality
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Saint Nick
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Father Christmas